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About Coast Chassis Design And Its Owner. Meet The Chassis Builder From Coast Chassis Design

Coast Chassis would like to introduce ourselves to you and give you some looks into the chassis building section of our shop inside and outside with our profiles and our mission as to what we intend to accomplish for you as a customer.


Take a glimpse of our work and our introduction to your chassis builder builders / owner.


Thank You

Tim Christ

Tim Christ | Owner

Current City: Daytona Beach, Florida.
Hometown: South River, New Jersey
Job Description: Owner of Coast Chassis Design, Edgewater Florida
Facebook: Tim Christ
Likes and Interests: Drag Racing, Design and Building


Coast Chassis Design, one of the countrys premier builders of drag race cars and components, is located at our new building "511 Pullman Road, Unit B-1, Edgewater, FL. 32132", many of drag racing's quickest and fastest race cars come to life.


In a world where tenths of a second can make the difference between advancing to the next round or going home early, it is essential that race cars are built with only materials of the highest quality and fabricated to precise specifications. Having been at the forefront of drag racing for more than 20 years, CCD is committed to building and selling race cars and components of the highest caliber.


Our services range from full race car fabrication to chassis updates, setups and repair. With extensive expertise ranging from naturally aspirated to twin turbo configurations, CCD specializes in constructing or improving the drag race car that you have always wanted - from Super Gas to Pro Mod and everything in between.


Whether on the phone or in person at the shop or the track, everyone at CCD will be happy to assist you in making your drag racing dreams become reality.


Slogan - Coast Past the Competition!!

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