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Coast Chassis Design Featured Rides 

This area of our website is devoted to Coast Chassis Racers, both new and old. We intend to bring you a magazine style format starting from this page with each owners car / cars/ boats/ and more in this main index.


Each page will be owner described in detail as our website progresses. Look for features and new announcements of featured rides coming as soon as we revise each section: Soon to come, a complete download sheet as to how you can be featured in this section, the page will be yours !!

Coast Chassis Outlaw 10.5 Mercedes Benz SL55


Powered by a supercharged hemi and the Chassis Shops own flagship Outlaw 10.5 machine The Mercedes Benz is the only choice for the ultimate machine and featured ride of 2011


Check Out The Featured Photos Of The Coast Chassis Outlaw 10.5 Supercharged Mercedes Benz SL55 and  Others Below:

Anthony DiSomma 


Class: Outlaw 10.5
Body: 2006 Cobra Mustang
Chassis: 25-2 Double Frame Rail
Engine: Ford Hemi Twin Turbo
Biography | Accomplishments: Shakedown At E Town, Cecil County, Raceway Park, Ultimate Outlaws Racer, One of the first to go into the six second zone and surpass 200MPH, a car and driver way ahead of their time

Kenny Staib 


Class: Outlaw 10.5 / Quick 8 Racing
Body: 1968 Camaro
Chassis: 25-2 Double Frame Rail
Engine: Small Block Chevy / Big Block Chevy Nitrous Oxide
Biography | Accomplishments: Atco Raceway Quick 8's Champion 2003, Raceway Park Quick 8's, Outlaw 1/8th mile racing. Many titles soon to be described

Ed Kowalczyk 


Class: Outlaw 10.5 / Quick 8 Racing
Body: 1990 Mustang
Chassis: 25-2 Double Frame Rail
Engine: 360 Ci, Small Block Ford, Twin Turbo
Biography | Accomplishments: Atco Raceway Quick 8's, NMRA, Recenty revised over the years, Owner passed away Feb 11th 2009

Bill Mitchell 


Class: Outlaw 10.5
Body: 1994 Chevy S10
Chassis: 25-2 Double Frame Rail
Engine: Big Block Chevy Twin Turbo
Biography | Accomplishments: Races The Northeast Outlaw Series and Ultimate Outlaws, Atco Outlaw 10.5 Points Champion 2010, Various Winners Circles through 10+ years of racing.

Andrew Handras 

Class: Pro Nitrous

Body: 1969 Camaro

Chassis: 25-1 Double Frame Rail

Engine: 903 Ci Fulton

Personal Best: 3.76 @ 199

Bowman Motorsports


Class: Super Street

Body: 1993 Firebird

Engine: 415 Ci, Small Block Chevy, Heartbeat Racing Engines

Personal Best: 9.95 @ 134

Roger Ward

Class: Super Street

Body: 1969 AMX

Engine: 426CI AMC, Heartbeat Racing Engines

This car is for sale due to health issues

Robert Abbott

Class: Pro Modified

Body: 1969 Camaro

Engine: 526CI Hemi

Personal Best: 3.750 @ 201

Ozzy Acosta

Class: 22in Hard Tire

Body: Buick Regal

Engine: SB Chevy

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