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Coast Chassis Ultimate Outlaws 10.5: The Supercharged Mercedes Benz SL55

Not often does a webmaster have a chance to meet his customers, usually web design is done through e mails or over the phone and hoping they get the right website for their needs. Not in the case of this one. I have been a friend of Coast Chassis owners for a long time and being they have been in New Jersey as Chassis builders we have met quite a few times and have been a part of racing on the east cost for many years.

I had the chance to come to the Pritchett Controls Ultimate Outlaws Shootout at Cecil County on July 9th of 2011 to again meet up with my customers as a guest of my good friends in this sponsored environment as they also brought the bad supercharged Coast Chassis flagship 2006 Mercedes Benz AMG SL55 Outlaw 10.5 car up with them for some testing shots. Being a guest made no difference to the Coast Chassis team as their pits were packed with friends and family enjoying this fine weekend as a large group they made sure everyone was made comfortable, fed well by this awesome group of ladies that cooked up some homemade food for us to fill our stomachs throughout the race day; I immediately was a part of this fine group.

Finally able to see the Mercedes Benz in action and see the craftsmanship I have seen from their other cars out there, this one tops them all. A true 2006 Mercedes Benz AMG SL55 with a custom chassis under it but in reality it's a full car not the carbon fiber look alikes, this ones doors opened and closed like a new Mercedes Benz SL Class would.

The stock Mercedes-AMG body is filled with a supercharged Hemi V8 making tons more power than the original "5.5L supercharged 24-valve V8 engine with 493 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque made" had only a few passes since its build out of the Coast Chassis Shop. The weekend racing took its toll on the team as a broken converter made them jump to one untried unit that sent the car into wheel spin off the hit.

Ultimate Outlaws Champs TJ Kasper and Coast ChassisLater in the day the Mercedes Benz AMG SL55 suffered a slice in the rear tire and the team decided not to finish racing with this combination and trying to get a baseline on it when surely it wasn't using what they wanted in the right parts area.

Back at the camp, Team Coast Chassis kept an eye on their sponsored Outlaw 10.5 Class as TJ Kasper caught Jason Enos sleeping on the tree for a holeshot win in this session of the race which had 26 cars involved and many more classes. So to end this thank you to Tim, Pete and Denny I submit for you some images of this awesome race and their own Mercedes Benz AMG SL55 Outlaw 10.5 machine.

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